Our Mission

We educate children from babies up to 5 years old using active Peruvian-European methodology. Taking the functional educative methodology from Peru and incorporating the model of nurseries in Europe in which the infant is the builder of his own learning through early years stimulation, routines and play.


Taking as a pedagogical model “Maria Montessori” and “Rosa Sensat” and their slogan “Learning through play”. All our staff are highly trained to guarantee the quality of the education we provide. We take care of our materials and try to incorporate natural material, due to Pequeñas Semillas pledge to sustainability and to transmit to the infants and their families values towards their surroundings. We organise day trips and visits to make the learning experience more significant.

International & Peru

61 Children

Our children come from all over the world
Languages taught
Happy Children
Languages: British English & Quechua

Languages: British English & Quechua

We undertake intensive classes in Quechua and British English, we created our own curriculum in order for the children to have a good start in languages at preschool level. The children from 3 to 5 years old have an hour a day of English or Quechua in which they develop said languages in meaningful ludic activities. Upon leaving the nursery the infants have gained some 100 words in their vocabulary of English and Quechua. The Quechua books were elaborated with the Spanish illustrator Ana Burgos (elzeppelindeana.com), these are copyright protected by INDECOPI.
Pool Area

Pool Area

Once a week the children play and express themselves in the water. It’s one of the children’s favourite activities at Pequeñas Semillas!
Music, Marinera, Danza & Yoga

Music, Marinera, Danza & Yoga

We include activities of music, Marinera, traditional and regional dances and yoga in the children’s routines to guide them in their talents, relishing said activities which help them in their creativity, to relax and to know the language of music from a young age.

Afternoon workshops and care

Sometimes parents need additional hours of care in the afternoon while they work. We look after your children in the best way, making sure they are well and entertained with workshops of: Ballet, Karate, Danza, Mini-Chef, Kids Cinema, Arts and Crafts. We also offer after school tutoring to maximise your child’s potential.

Psychology & Linguistic Development

Our psychologist, Lic. Miriam Nieto Gamboa is specialist in evaluation, detection and intervention of learning problems, behaviour problems and difficulties of language and speech. Individual, couple and family therapy is available; we include a free evaluation for the children in our nursery.

Mobility Service

We have a mobility service inside Cusco city for those families that live furthest away. Ask for further details.